Friday, 24 December 2010

Is there a pattern?

Patterns and Abstracts:

I do like a good pattern. Repeated shapes and shadows seem to be a draw to many a photographer. I am not so certain that I would want this first picture up on the wall, but that didn't stop me taking it... What a strange struggle between concrete and grass. I wonder which will win?

This window blind is a great deal more minimalist. There is very little to explain to the viewer. No hints or tips. Equally, it has its own mysteries. What might be behind it? What is it hiding?

Aah. Brickwork... The hand of the artisan on public display. This ambitious building is certainly eye catching in the sunlight, and makes a nice picture. I don't think I would wish to live opposite it however. I decided to break the striking diagonal flow by including the air vent top right.

Finally a much more organic pattern. The generic cracked mud picture. These pictures are always the same, and yet always different, rather like seascapes.

Sometimes a mudscape is simply a graphic exercise like this, sometimes it can be transformed into a life statement by including a single tuft of grass, if one presents itself.

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