Monday, 20 December 2010


If you go to Durham Cathedral you will find out that photography is forbidden. All forms of photography. They will sell you a CD of pictures they took for you and do allow you to take pictures of the outside. We had a guided tour of the Cathedral a while back as part of a church pilgimage, and yes it is splendid inside. 

So, in the spirit of the Dean and Chapter of Durham: Here is my picture.

I should point out that we found an exhibition in place inside. Oh irony.! It was an exhibition of photographs by the local camera club.

As an alternative, let me recommend Ripon Cathedral. Part of the same pilgrimage involved a short trip to Ripon. What a nice place and what a nice Cathedral. Small and perfectly formed. Yes, they will let you photograph the 15th century misericords ...

... and their remarkable Saxon Crypt.

It was there I took this tight focus picture of this splendid metal statue. Do call in and visit Ripon. Tell them that Pete sent you. 

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  1. Excellent photos! I especially like picture one :)