Sunday, 26 December 2010


Boxing Day.

Its a bit of a mystery, there is no agreed explanation for it. For some it will be a time to follow the local hunt, for others a chance to walk off the feasting of Christmas Day, and for some it will be an on line shopping day. On line shopping? Why today? Perhaps they are spending the vouchers they had for Christmas, or perhaps buying the goodies they were secretly expecting, but which did not turn up.

I will not add to legends with any of my theories, so I will simply offer this dawn view from the relative warmth of the house: Minus seven degrees outside and plus seventeen inside before breakfast. Thank goodness for modern insulation.

Its nice to see some early morning sunshine, as it skews the colour balance of this rule breaking picture. One can correct colour balance with great ease these days, but sometimes you lose some of the magic in the picture. A well corrected dawn picture suddenly looks commonplace.

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