Monday, 13 December 2010

Noticed in passing

If you keep your eyes open, there are all sorts of views and scenes to had. Here are some random items I have spotted in passing and deemed worthy of a shutter press:

This is the wood shed at Houghton Lodge near Stockbridge in Hampshire. A place well worth a visit if you like a nice country garden. I have indeed posted a blog on this subject in the future. Anyway, the woodshed: A nice combination of shapes and colours I thought.

Now this odd mixture of round and straight (looking perhaps like an old millstone in the country) was in fact found in a back yard in Reading. The round thing is concrete and the wall is the back of a shop. It looked peculiar and out of context, and so it got snapped...

A generic repeated pattern picture. These nicely stacked chairs (a theme I have visited before) were looking at me from a corner in a National Trust property. The light and shadow made the picture for me..

This hollow Elm tree stump was posed in the middle of Avebury monument for some time. I'm not so certain about this picture, but I think it has some striking possibilities. It won't be there now: I took this in 1978...

And finally, the repeated arches that form a much photographed feature of Winchester Cathedral. Every time I see this scene I am tempted to photograph it. I remind myself these days that I have already snapped this scene several times before...

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