Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bath in winter

What an excellent city is Bath! I love the Georgian architecture and the colours of the stone buildings. You have modern coffee shops and wine bars serving the middle classes that sit next to the dance clubs serving the student population. Equally, there is the almost complete lack of central parking, and all that traffic.. However it is a photographer's paradise.

Here is the much photographed Royal Crescent, for example.

The winter sunshine, the straight lines and the ever present hills make for pleasing views at every corner.

Here, for example, is the weir just next to Pulteney Bridge, both of which make excellent photo opportunities and pleasing sights.

However, its not all fine frontages and conspicuous consumption. Only a short walk from the last picture you can find this needle ridden alley. Not a good place to find yourself on a dark night I suspect. I wonder what tales it could tell?

Coming next post:  A nice long Bath.

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