Thursday, 16 December 2010

Casting a shadow

Dismal dark depressing dull damp disappointing December. Hmm.

Lets remind ourselves of summer when there were shadows in pictures. Lets concentrate on where the light isn't: Sometimes its the shadows that define a picture.

Here are some of hard light examples from the Mediterranean, and each one will have needed some exposure compensation.

The first images hints at a sunny day. This one gives you the evidence: A clear blue sky glimpsed between shadows.

This third image, also from the much rebuilt and restored fort at Paphos, allows us to see more of the building. A pleasing succession of arches and the reward is the sunshine at the end

And finally one last shadow picture: One for Arthur C Clark: The Monolith in Newbury Kennet Centre car park. Its been there for 4.2 Billion years. No one knows what it does.


  1. I love image number 3. That is a wonderful photo.

    As a sci-fi fan I also like the monolith...

    Great photographs as ever.

  2. Hi Peter, I don't know if you are aware but the picture of the year set has started being posted at the Big Picture. As a photographer I am sure you would very much enjoy it:

  3. Many thanks! I hope to go back to Cyprus and capture more of the spirit of the place next year.

    As to the Monolith.. Its a mystery, I'm sure it has a message for Newbury. :-)