Friday, 3 December 2010


Aah, Curves! Sweeping, sinuous and beguiling. A good curve can make a picture if placed in the right position.

Lets start with a landmark building: The De La Warr pavilion in Bexhill on Sea. A very early modernist structure dating from 1935. I was introduced to this by one of the many architecture programs that lurk in our TV schedules. 

It is truly splendid and more than slightly unexpected in sleepy little Bexhill on Sea. It is a mixture of straight lines and wonderful curves:

Wikipedia tells us that "The architects selected for the project, Erich Mendelsohn and Serge Chermayeff, were leading figures in the Modern Movement." 

It is certainly a striking building, and one thing I can add is that the curves continue inside:

Modern versus traditional: The side of the pavilion that faces the town is just as exciting..

And now for something completely different. These faux tents are an architects conceit attached to the Newbuty Racecourse. I suppose they have a certain style as well, though surely there isn't the class of the De La Warr...

Don't forget that nature can also create some very pleasing curves of her own.. Here is an Ox-bow lake in the making on the south coast. Very pleasing!

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