Sunday, 6 February 2011

Digital Dawn

To continue my journey to digital photography I started yesterday, we move to 2005 when I bought the excellent Olympus 8080WZ. This award winning camera had a truly excellent lens in the best tradition of Olympus. It was built like a tank and produced sharper pictures than the Fuji.

It was a "bridge" camera: It handles a little like a SLR but has a non interchangeable zoom lens. This was its main weak point.  In general it was very pleasing to use and the excellent Zuiko lens impressed me a great deal. Here is an example picture, a rainy shopping day in Rottingdean.

Finally I decided that digital SLRs had come of age and I bought the smallest DSLR on the market at the time, the Olympus E400. Since then I have traded up several times but I remain most impressed with Zuiko lenses.

Here's a winter shot. This is the high street in Marlborough all dressed for Christmas, taken at dusk one clear December Saturday. In this case an Olympus E620 delivers the goods.

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