Monday, 21 February 2011

Choc Box Shot

Here's a thing, how do you feel about chocolates? Can you take or leave them, or are you a  chocoholic? 

I ask because I am fascinated by the little booklet thing you find in each box. Some people reach for that first and study it in great detail before making a careful but informed choice from the tray of goodies. Others, like myself, ignore it and just pick a random chocolate.

I guess I am not that bothered which chocolate I eat, its only a chocolate after all... I am  also happy to eat just one then put the box away. As a result of this general indifference I almost never read the flowery description of the contents.

When it comes to choosing beer - now that is a very different activity, however...

Tech note: This choc boc shot was taken on a curved white background using bounced off camera flash.

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