Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Red and Brown

Lets go to Rousillon, Vaucluse  in France. This picturesque little gem (well, its a tourist trap actually) is the home of rich deposits of red and yellow Ochre. You can scratch it straight off the cliffs....

It became the home of artists, drawn by the ready supply of a fine range of tones. Actually I rather hope there are some Cadmium Blue cliffs nearby to balance these warm colours. 

Anyway, the scratchy brown stuff still draws tourists by the coachload. I recall the town boasts the least subtle toilets (even by French standards) that we came across. These will be the subject of a future post :-)

We now find ourselves in Avignon outside the church of St Pierre. This features a pair of beatifully carved solid Walnut doors, rich in browns and fantastic detail. I didn't realise Walnut trees grew so square... still, what do I know about carpentry.

The Internet tells me you can't go inside for some reason, however I am certain this is the interior. Centuries of candles have given the place a fantastic patina and presence....


  1. "The Internet tells me you can't go inside for some reason..."

    Don't forget, as Jeremy Clarkson told us, every single one of the 9 billion facts on the Internet is wrong. Including this one - oh, wait... :p

  2. Lovely interior and I can't for the life of me understand these bans on photography inside beautiful buildings.