Friday, 11 February 2011

Blue on Black

For avid blogwatchers, this is my 100th post!

There's nothing quite like a good dusk, a wonderful time of day. Show me a clear sky with that characteristic deep blue and the black silhouettes of trees and I reach for my camera.  There is plenty of scope to create an image with impact. Here we have an autumn evening where the blue sky is echoed by a nice blue Morgan.

Here's another dusk, but with an added element. A long shot includes the moon in the equation.

North Hampshire and late Summer. The sun has set over Watership down and the trees provide the focal counterpoint to the fading light.

One of the challenges with photographing dusk is the problem of exposure. It should be long enough to bring out the colours in the sky but short enough to avoid movement blur. This example stps over the line slightly, but it was very dark indeed. This is a rare moment when I would have preferred a big Nikon DSLR cranked up to high ISO. Blue on Black!

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