Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Charity at home

For some reason, Newbury seems to have a remarkable number of Almshouses. I did a Google on the subject and ended up with this list:

  • St Mary's Almshouses, Newbury
  • Pearces Almshouses, Newbury
  • Coxedd's Almshouses, Newbury
  • Child's Almshouses, Newbury
  • Kimber's Almshouses, Newbury
  • St Bartholomew's Hospital, also known as King John's Almshouses, Newbury
  • Raymond's Almshouses, Newbury
  • Church Almshouses, Newbury
  • Essex Wynter Almshouses, Newbury
  • Mabel Luke Almshouses, Newbury
  • Robinson's Almshouses, Newbury
So, here are some examples of this ancient tradition:

This below is St Bartholomews Hospital, in Argyle street. The other entrance now faces a car park and looks very old indeed...

Part of the Upper Raymonds almshouses

Some are not as old as they seem. I think this below is a lot newer than its Tudor hints suggest. If you want to see the original and genuine item, I comment the Hospital of St Cross at Winchester, which appears in this earlier blog.. Why not call in there and claim your ancient right to beer and bread :-)

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  1. I love almshouses Pete, and snap them wherever I see them. Their builders usually consciously tried to make a picturesque addition to the locality and by and large succeeded. I wasn't aware of the bounty of Newbury with regard to almshouses and really like your images. I'll have a look next time I'm in the area. One thing that I do find distressing is where repairs and renovations have been made that are below the standard of the original material and conception.