Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Last Leg

We had sunshine yesterday!  A strange bright light appeared in the sky and it made the world a lot nicer. So I went out for a limp at lunchtime to see nature stirring anew with spring in mind.

This lovely rounded shape is the handpost at the top of a footpath gate. There seems to be a race going on here. On one hand the wood is rotting away and losing its original shape. On the other hand the passing walkers are polishing the post to a whole new smooth profile.

Here's a gate which is also suffering from years of rain and sunshine. In this case it keeps the horses safely in the paddock aided by this aged piece of baling twine*

The neglected hedges sport this lichen covering. It softens the outlines and gives an attactive colour to the twigs. I am also told its a sign of a healthy environment with low pollution.

BTW, all the pictures in this post were taken between 70 and 300mm focal length...

*I developed a theory during my youth in the countryside that farms are held together by baling twine, six inch nails and the electric welder in the barn.

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