Friday, 21 September 2012


No trip to the Bay of Naples is complete without a visit to Pompeii. This vast 270 acre site is almost too much to take in, particularly in the scant two hours we had with our coach guide.

Here's a view of the Auditorium near the end of the visit. A chance to sit down and relax for a moment. 

As always, click on the image for the full size version.


The plaster casts of the victims are a chilling and sombre sight in amongst all the ruins

For a more relaxed and informative experience, I suggest Herculaneum, on the other side of Vesuvius. Unlike Pompeii, this was covered in volcanic ash and mud which created a anaerobic layer that led to the  preservation of wood and similar materials. Here is a panorama of the buried town that shows how far below the current ground level it is.

Most of Herculaneum is under the more recent town. It was lost for centuries: Historians agreed the it and Pompeii were on the coast, but they were digging in the wrong place, as the AD79 eruption moved the coastline by over a mile.

This is all very sifferent from modern Sorrento where we were staying.


  1. Good shots and good to see you putting up larger sized images that really show off the quality.

    1. Many thanks. Yes, the Blogspot image viewer has improved so I thought I would try some larger images and stitched panoramas... P