Sunday, 23 September 2012


The Amalfi coast occupies the southern side of the Sorrento peninsular and the landscape is, if anything, even more extreme. Towns are built on any land that is not quite vertical and everyone has a view of the bay of Salerno. Your balcony or terrace is quite often the roof of the house below.

This was all very well when goats and donkeys formed the majority of the traffic. These days you are likely to face two hundred steps between your front door and your car each morning. Once out of the town you will have to tackle many a winding and narrow kilometre before you see the open road.

So - here are some more details from the Sorrento peninsular: 

The Amalfi car workshop clearly has respect for the local geography.

The Mediterranean is the land of crumbling plaster, peeling paintwork and the unfinished house project. Quite unlike Switzerland, for example.

They also do a good line in Faded Splendour as well.

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