Friday, 28 January 2011


Like so many of the Saga generation, we are members of the National Trust. It is a fine organisation and what could be better than a nice day out at a stately pile with a tea shop...

Here's a wide angle shot at St Michaels mount, a NT property. When we visited early last year I discovered that certain NT properties have relaxed their baffling No Photography Inside rule.

Later that week we went to Lanhydrock, an excellent house with wonderful gardens. Once again I was allowed to use the camera (no flash please*) indoors. I do approve of this enightened approach. Here, as an example of the memories I could take away, is part of the extensive kitchens featuring the Large Cleaver....

I never did understand the photography ban. What was the logic? You may not take pictures inside but perhaps you will buy some of our NT postcards. I don't think that's going to happen. My pictures end up on disk, so how will a paper postcard help me? it's as if the National Trus don't trust us.

Anyway, here we are at Ashdown House near Wantage. In this case you only get access to the stairway and the roof, furthermore there's no tea shop. Nevertheless its a very nice looking building.

However the view from the roof is worth seeing, even though the garden is a touch minimal. No pictures from inside as these images date from the no photos era.

So, I am a supporter of the National Trust, and I suggest you join or at least visit these excellent properties. (In return for this glowing recommendation I hope I don't get hassled for placing images of NT sites on my blog).

*I agree with the no flash rule. I hardly ever use the flash on the camera, and I understand that millions of repeated tourist flashes could well fade delicate fabrics and pictures. Now we just have to get people to find out how to turn the flash off.

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