Thursday, 13 January 2011


Here's an antidote for these dull Winter days. A glimpse of summer and the English at their maddest. Yes, its the Morris Dancing displays at Guildford. Multiple Morris sides are out on the green under the castle all armed with beards, sticks, handkerchiefs and pewter tankards of Real Ale.

A nice tight focus shot, taken from a distance. One wouldn't want to get bitten.

I would like to think this is a tradition we foster mainly to confuse the French.. Long may it continue. As to the wooden Zebra, don't ask.

Beards and tankards, and is that a cod piece? ... Excellent :-)

Medieval royalty turn out to oversee the event. These are kings Uthur and Arthur with their medicinal ale to hand. Who says that beer and swords don't mix...

So, next time you see something like this, be thankful that we English are still mad, despite the rest of the world.

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