Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fog mist and haze

Fog, low cloud, morning mist, evening haze, and even smoke can add a great deal of depth to a picture. They can transform a mundane image to something quite unusual.  By the way, I have returned to this subject in the future. Here are a selection of pictures where I have been fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.. As always, click to see the larger image.

This first image was early one morning on the Lizard, Cornwall. A sea mist was touching the headland and it helps describe the distances and the contours of the land.

This is another image featuring mist in the morning. It comes from one of my summer sunrise expeditions and was taken down by the Kennet and Avon canal just after the sun came up. Once the sun has risen I feel the best of the shots have gone, but in this case the sun rays and the cold vapour combine well.

In this case the atmospheric effects are at the other end of the day. This is late summer evening haze looking west over the Kennet Valley. The receding ranks of  trees hide most of the houses and draw the eye to the horizon.

This effect is very different. This was taken about midday and is the result of charcoal burners at work in a local forest. I spotted the tell tale plume of smoke while out cycling and made my way over to investigate. Once again, its the sun bursting through the trees and the wide angle lens that makes the shot for me.

Finally, a much more conventional shot. A foggy day in the village at work. One of the tricks with fog and woodland is to arrange the trees, some close, some further. It that  way the fog explains itself to the viewer.

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