Sunday, 21 November 2010

Patterns and Textures

I am always attracted by patterns and textures. Some of these are purely accidental, some are natural. Here's some examples:

These flowers come out of the bud all crinkly and if you catch them before they have straightened out, with the sun in the right position, they almost look artificial

A corner of a field covered in clover. Each flower is different, and yet they are all the same. This was a close up wide angle shot with the horizon deliberately excluded. 

A rather more contrived image: I found these melons outside a greengrocers in Rottingdean one wet winter day.

And these last two are positively posed images. Peppers on the cutting board. There is always a little guilt when you take a picture then proceed to eat the subject...

Finally this posed woodworking image. I think the shapes and patterns of wood shaving  are wonderful. I did however ruin an otherwise useful piece of pine batten to get this picture...

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