Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Down Memory Lane

The Farm Lane

I have set myself an Autumn challenge. 

Last year I used my lunchtime break to photo-document the Hampshire village where our office is based. This posed a challenge: the range of subjects is quite limited, as its a small village. However I produced quite a body of work by examining each scene in detail, and observing the passing seasons closely.

This year I have raised the bar somewhat. I now seek photographic subjects from within a very specific area within the village. This area will be the track that runs past our company office down the farm towards the fields. There we find paddocks, trees, fences, a barn, the dung heap and the changing seasons.

Let's see what turns up this Winter...

The fence

So: Its early November, and the turning leaves make a backdrop to the horse fence. For some reason the trees in this paddock are fenced off from the horses. Maybe horses eat trees? Anyway, its nice to find a fence that doesn't have that electric fence tape wired along it.

Russet Leaves

I was quite taken with the serrations on these leaves. These are amost the last on the tree, and their fallen comrades carpet the grass around the trunk. When they are all gone, the lane will be a sadder place. At times like this we can only hope for next year's buds.

The Hay Barn
Next to the track is the farm barn. Not the old romantic wooden sort of barn, all picturesque and leaking. No, this is a modern practical barn with tractors and loaders and giant hay bales. The industrial aspects of modern farming still carry the magic and nostalgic smells of hay and diesel.

The Allen Scythe

Quite near the hay store you will find the unused machinery that always accumulates on farms. This wonderful but lethal Allen Scythe rests amongst the rusty wheelbarrows and disk harrows and seed drills. 

Does it dream of days gone by when it was in its prime and the world was its pasture?

Now it just has smooth hand-worn handles to remind it of better days.

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