Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Question: How do you show a cold day? You can't enclose cold into a picture for the viewer. You can include some strong hints however.

We're having a cold spell in the UK at present. I'm sure its not really cold by some folks standards, but it catches us out because we don't get really bad weather frequently. Therefore we drive around on low and wide summer tyres that turn out to be totally useless on snow. Furthermore, careful driving on snow and ice seems to be a lost art, everyone else seems to drive too fast for my tastes. Have they not lost a car and crashed on snow before? Do they not realise what happens when you hit the brakes?

Anyway, back to the cold. Here's a ground level picture from the farm lane: Frost on everything. I used the tilting rear screen on the camera to get down to about 5cm off the ground to get the message across.

I suppose the frost on the Victorian gravestones is a hint that it was cold that day...

This is probably my favourite from early this year. Snow and icicles together with a chilly looking dusk. This does look cold to me...

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