Monday, 7 March 2011

Flash Light

I was asked to take a picture of a rented office to form part of the  for-rent flier recently. I know the room has windows on two sides, but it would clearly need more than that to make it look good. Furthermore the interior lighting is the usual nasty fluorescent tubes.

I took my two off camera flashes with their cheap radio triggers and the widest lens I have and I partly opened the blinds to let a fair amount of daylight in. The first flash was set on a stand at head height off to camera right and set to 1/8th power and aimed at the white ceiling. By setting shutter to 1/30th this balanced quite well with the daylight, but the view through the open door was dark and uninviting...

So I rigged the second flash out in the hall, also pointing upward. It needed 1/4 power to balance the lighting, I guess it was darker in there and the ceiling is higher.

All done and burned to a CD in 15 minutes.

Lessons learned: I need more gear (!) like a flash umbrella, a third flash and trigger receiver. I also need some method of attaching flashes to random objects to avoid buying another light stand, and some spare batteries would probably be wise....

Oh, and a check list of gear so I don't leave stuff behind...

It turns out that I wrote more about flash in the future.

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