Sunday, 20 March 2011

Big Moon

Does this moon look big to you?* Apparently the Moon has popped round to visit us this week, and is closer that it will be for decades.

This just underlines my general distrust of the Moon. In the winter the Sun is low, in the Summer it is high in the sky and these are facts you can depend on. The same does not apply to the Moon, it seems to be all over the place, sometimes its almost over head, even in Winter. 

Every now and then it wanders in front of the Sun, to the consternation of all concerned. In fact our Moon is the largest in relation to its mother planet of all in the Solar System, and looks spookily similar in size to the Sun, from our perspective. Solar eclipses are non events on Mars.

So, now I discover we can't even trust it to stay where it's supposed to. This is all rather odd behaviour for our closest neighbour, and I do wonder if a sattellite so capricious should be allowed control of our tides..

*BTW It should look bigger in this picture, I enlarged it by seventy  percent compared to the foreground...

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