Thursday, 31 March 2011

Character building

I kept my photographer's eye open while on Cyprus last week, and it seems to me there is a lot of sitting around going on. Tourists  like us sit around with their beers and Greek Coffee Metrio planning where to go next.

Ex-pats sit around and complain endlessly about everything. Locals just seem to sit around and watch the world's foolishness pass by before them. In the morning they sit in the sun to warm up, but they seek out the shade after noon.

This excellent character with the splendid moustache is a waiter-owner of a neighbouring restaurant... I suspect he is recharging his batteries before facing what passes for the lunchtime rush.

You cannot sit around if you have a job and are on duty. The Orthdox Priest here was standing in the shade overseeing the National Day parade. This is a long drawn out march past by all the students from the local school. They parade led by Greek and Cypriot banners and flags, and march in their best school uniforms to a pre-recorded soundtrack of snare drum and bugle: A tune consisting entirely of two notes.

Another afternoon. No customers. Time for the barber to sit in the shade and read the paper. It's all go isn't it...

All three of these street candids were taken using the twist and tilt live-view rear screen on the Olympus E600 camera. You don't have to hold the camera up to your eye, or even in front of your face to get a picture these days...

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  1. I got married in Cyprus, so these great shots bring fond memories, but sadly never made it back.