Saturday, 4 August 2012

Aye aye Boson

The team at CERN have announced that they have finally found the Higgs Boson. While I celebrate this along with the rest of humanity, I do wonder how it came to be lost in the first place.

I'm not pointing fingers, but someone must be responsible. Anyway, perhaps we will look after it more carefully now.

By a strange congruent coincidence, I am currently reading a book about the big Physics questions . This deals with the very building blocks of the Universe such as Gravity and Time.

Gravity is a strange and far reaching force, silent and invisible, yet it holds the Universe in place and dictates the movements of Galaxies. It is not exactly obvious how Gravity works. I am told it is merely the mathematical outcome of distortions in the space-time matrix. (This may be true but it seems strangely unsatisfying).

What concerns me more is Time. No-one seems to know what causes Time. If it is the fourth dimension, then it doesn't behave like the other three. The so-called "arrow of time" dictates that time moves ever forward, at least from our perspective. This is so obvious that we take it for granted. Things do not move inexorably to the left, so why does time keep progressing?

Consider this: At a subatomic Quantum level, there is an argument that time is optional, or even reversible. 

What do you make of that, Mr Boson?

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