Friday, 18 May 2012

Point of View

Photography: Where do you stand? What is your point of view?

Actually your point of view matters. 

Imagine you are walking down a lane and you see a nice patch of daisies looking up at the sun, and you decide to take a picture. The easy was is to point the camera at them (don't forget to zoom in to remove other distractions from the shot) check your composition, focus, camera settings, and then you take the picture.

You will end up with something like this. Frankly this is a rubbish picture of some daisies and some grass. There is no drama or impact and no context in which to place the daisies.

Now look what happens if you zoom out to the wide setting, place the camera on the ground, get in close (using the folding rear screen if you have one) and focus on the daisies with a half press of the shutter. Keep the shutter half pressed and recompose so the  rape seed crop and sky start to be visible. Now you have a picture with some merit. 

Like I say: When it comes to photography, where do you stand?

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