Friday, 11 May 2012

Better pictures 1

Pay attention at the back. Here is part one of my guide to becoming a Better Photographer.

I'm assuming that you have planned your picture in some way. Maybe it is a project you have thought through in advance, maybe it is a photo opportunity you just spotted. 

I hope you have already allowed for the fact your image will come out in a two dimensional form. We see in 3D, so a scene that depends heavily on three dimensions will not look so impressive on a photo print. I hope you also thought about lighting. 

So, now we come to composition and here is the first essential item you must master:

This is the viewfinder. If you have a new fangled electric camera it might look different, but this is what defines what's in the picture.

Look carefully at the scene in the viewfinder before you press the shutter. Look at the edges of the picture, try to spot distractions and unwanted elements. It may be that you can move your position slightly to re arrange the scene so the ugly street sign is hidden. You might be able to zoom in slightly (or even walk forwards...) to exclude the electricity pole. If you want an image with impact, less is generally more.

It also shows you what isn't in the picture. Now check to see if you have cut the tops off houses or people's heads. Learn to look at the entire image quickly but efficiently before you take the picture.

Part two tomorrow.

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