Saturday, 12 May 2012

Better Pictures 2

In part two of this exhaustive examination of Photographic Excellence, having dealt with the Viewfinder, we move to the next piece of equipment that you must master.

This is the Shutter Release. Each time you press this the camera takes a picture. Squeeze it carefully and slowly or you will jerk the camera and blur the image. Don't press it more often than you need to. Just because digital film is free, this doesn't mean you need to take fifteen pictures of each subject.

Get the lighting right, wait for the decisive moment, frame the subject carefully, and take one picture, or perhaps two.

Using the motor drive like a machine gun at ten frames per second is for sports journalists or war correspondents. If you are aiming to capture the essence of Derwent Water then motor drive is not the right approach. 

Furthermore this will just give you more images to sort through and discard later on. When it comes to multiple pictures of the same subject, less is more (see tomorrow).

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