Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Point of view

December, and the sun is as low as it will get. This brings new lighting opportunities, and is the only time of year that the Altar at the old village church has sun.

I tried two attempts at this view, and here's the first, taken through the less than perfect Victorian glass, with the focus on the Altar

I'm not certain all that out of focus lead work is a good thing, so I repeated the shot this way round.

Now the focus shows the imperfections in the class, and seems to shut us out of the church. I suppose with a tripod and the right lens I could have both elements in focus, but life, as always, is a compromise..


  1. How about the magic of Photoshop to combine the in-focus altar with the in-focus glass? Would that lose the depth and make it look very 2-D?

  2. I thought about that, they call it focus stacking in the microscopy world. However I suspect it would look bogus by the time I had finished with it...