Monday, 5 December 2011

Lo Fi Photo

Lomo and Holga have a lot to answer for. The low fidelity movement using these two cameras has glamourised bad optics and weird colours in the past few years. I suppose it is a backlash against the digital camera pixel race and the search for the perfect image. 

While it's fun to see a blurred and distorted image from time to time, I wouldn't like my camera to produce this sort of result all the time.

So - we can compromise. Here's a modern technology camera (a Pen E-PL3) making nasty pictures. Simply grab an old lens, any sort of lens,  and hold it in front of the camera body. Cup your hand to keep stray light out and fiddle about tilting and moving the lens until you see some sort of image.

Well, maybe it does have some sort of arty attraction ...

Click. Instant Lomo!

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