Saturday, 23 January 2016

Don't understand 1

As I get older there are more things I don't understand, and some of these things make me really quite irritated. 

Fear not Gentle Reader, I plan to deal with that subject at some length in the future.

For the moment, please consider this corner of our local Debenhams* store. On the right is the Click and Collect counter. I believe I understand that concept. You order an item on line and it will appear by magic in the store of your choice the next day. I suppose it allows you to avoid the endless wandering around the store searching for your item which will have been moved or hidden since your last visit.

However, on the left is a Click and Collect scan and pay point. What is that about? Find your item. Scan it. Pay for it, and arrange for Click and Collect from the counter just three paces to your right.

*Other overstocked bling filled spendathon experiences are available near you...

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