Monday, 23 April 2012


Let's be honest: I am not that interested in Politics. It seems to be full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Even so, I do find myself wondering if we are currently being governed by idiots.

For what it's worth, I believe government is the science of compromise dictated by expediency, fear and greed.

"We know we should do this, but it will make us unpopular, so we will do that instead. In the long run it will cause problems, but hopefully the other party will be in power then".

"We should start this Major Project because it will be good for the country. However, the last time we did something like this we had to put up taxes and were voted out of office as a result. The other party came in and stopped the expensive Major Project, paid millions in cancellation fees, and everyone was worse off. So instead we will waste your money in lots of small ways, if that is OK by you.."

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