Friday, 27 April 2012

Change Gear

It's time to change camera gear again. In the past six months I sold two cameras and a lens and have bought two new cameras and a lens.

My gear is becoming smaller, cleverer and regrettably more expensive but it produces better results*

Here's one of the first pictures from the new 45mm m4/3 lens that arrived yesterday. This is yet another sharp Olympus lens that will be ideal for portraits and narrow depth of field shots like this one below.

The autofocus is lighting fast, which is always a bonus, however it does look rather like a toy compared to their pro lenses.

*If the photographer points it at a half decent subject.


  1. Ooh, dreamy shallow DoF, mmm. Fast lens? Which camera?

  2. This is the PEN E-PL3 and the new 45mm f1.8 PEN lens