Monday, 22 February 2016

More bits

A tech post today:

How digits have progressed: Here are three images taken since 2003 which illustrate how digital cameras finally overtook film in almost all departments:

Oh dear. My first two megapixel camera. More art than science.

It was a slow start, and even three megapixels really didn't do the business in 2004. This next one is from an early Fuji digital camera, not a compact, but a reasonably serious item. Perhaps I should have waited another year before jumping into digits. Ah well.

Its 2004, and now we have 8Mp and a much better lens. A very reasonable effort. Well done Olympus.

Forward to 2008 and I made the jump to a digital SLR with interchangeable lenses (and a mild increase to 10Mpixels). This put me back where I was six years before with the last of my Nikon film cameras. Now at last the results are rewarding and worthwhile.

Finally 2015. Here we have a 16Mpixel camera that is smaller than many of the above that can be used with confidence at ISO3200 on an overcast night. Finally we have a digital camera that has left the world of film far behind.

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