Monday, 28 September 2015

Won't get fooled again, CPW

So, here's the story. One of our smartphones dies and we take it back to CarPhoneWarehouse (CPW) because it is still within the 2 year Samsung warranty. 

After a week they return it. It can't be repaired. it isn't under warranty: The cause is "water ingress" and they give us a printed report with a picture of the problem in our actual phone. It looks awful.

But wait. This phone has never been dropped in water. In fact the guy said it was the cleanest two year old phone he had seen. I smell a rat.

It is out of warranty apparently, so I may as well dismantle it. What do I find?

That picture is not from the inside of our phone. It is from some other much worse phone. 

Here is all they managed to find in our phone. Some small blemish on the main board ground plane. I design this sort of stuff and I know what a PCB looks like if it got so wet it stopped working.

I am not impressed CPW.

We bought a replacement phone from another shop. 


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