Saturday, 11 June 2011

Wrong Job

Do you ever feel you might be in the wrong job? Well, spare a thought for this poor guy, standing outside the restaurant at the Harveys store in Halifax.

The have given him such a large menu board he can't even see over it, yet he stands there hour after hour politely offering mute suggestions to hungry customers.


  1. Appalling treatment of a worker! Where's his human rights? The money- grabbing, running-dogs of this capitalist establishment have gorged themselves for too long on the profit from the sweat of the oppressed workers ground beneath the heels of the fat-cat elite. The stone-faced stoicism of this worker should be a rallying call to the oppressed of this country! To arms! (But after lunch, this looks too tasty to miss ...)

  2. Absolutely comrade! I regularly vote for the Worker's Revolutionary Party and the International Marxist Group, but they never get elected here in Newbury. Mmm, time for lunch I think.