Friday, 17 June 2011


Allow me to add to the debate about rubbish collections:

There is a way to economise and maintain our doorstep rubbish collection. Consider this: The dustbin men and the postmen both have to come to your house, so why not combine both services? The bin men deliver the letters once a week, and take the rubbish away. 

There's a grand saving in diesel and salaries, and both services continue to operate.

If you want your mail more frequently, you can always pop up to the tip to collect it. You might take your recycling with you, while you are at it...

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  1. A further development of this idea would be some sort of electronic cataloguing device at the tip, so that you can install a special app on your smartphone which alerts you whenever you have any post that wants collecting.

    Yeah, I hate smartphones and their smug little apps...