Thursday, 9 October 2014


My apologies dear reader, but we have been away at the foreign for a while. Never fear for I am back with a box of photo snaps to share and a pocketful of grumbles and observations to air.

So: Here we have a meeting of cultures. A Greek Orthodox priest speaking to a young bar owner in Cyprus. She in fact is Russian.

It turned out that many of the visitors to Omodos were Russian when we were there. 

I wonder why Russians are attracted to the island, apart from the year round sunshine, the friendly locals, the relaxed lifestyle and the hard currency. Is it perhaps because the two languages share proportions of their alphabet? (Nice one Kyril)

Anyway, It would certainly help to be able to read the signs in Cyprus* I took a dictionary for my smartphone, but the written word remained all Greek to me.

*Politicians have been trying to read the signs in Cyprus for centuries.

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