Monday, 19 August 2013

Hard times

If you fall on hard times in Abingdon, maybe you can call on the help of the local Almshouse Charity. 

Perhaps they would give you one of these drop dead* gorgeous houses dating from the fifteenth century.

In memory of Charles Twitty late of the City of Westminster Esq who for thirty years together next before his death with great fidelity and assiduous care executed ye office of Deputy Auditor of the receipt of exchequer. 

And out of his pious inclination of this the parish of his nativity gave by his Will the sume of seventeen hundred pounds for building and perpetually endowing an Hospital for maintayning in meate, drinke and apparel, and all other necessarys of life: Three poor aged men and the like number of poor aged women to be chosen out of the honest and industrious poor people of this place not receiving the common almes: as by his said Will is directed.

*Sorry. An ill-chosen phrase.

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