Saturday, 19 November 2011


Here's a bleak and cold view of the world. I took this one lunchtime last week, the day before I went into hospital for an operation. Black humour? Maybe.

However, speaking as an engineer, there is something rather frighting about general anaesthetic. The idea is that you shut a person down to the point they can't feel pain or be aware of their surroundings. They can still breathe, but otherwise they are out of it. Yet you can bring them back with all their faculties and memories intact. Scary or what...

So let's hear it for the medical profession. I thought designing computers was scary, but doing a power down restart on a person is serious stuff.

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  1. I'm guessing as your happily posting the op went well and glad to hear it!
    Spooky picture indeed and highly appropriate considering the perils of GA. Been there and done it, as they say ...