The village in winter. The seasons continue in the Hampshire village. Click on an image to see the larger version.

An air frost  catches the trees overnight. A lone crow watches the world go by below.

Hard frost in the churchyard decorates the Victorian gravestones.

A discarded cultivator blocks a field gateway. Each field needs a guardian these days. Its not to prevent people from stealing the crops, its to prevent travellers from setting up camp.

Sheep, approaching snow and the Aldermaston atomic research base in the distance. I wonder if the sheep are soviet spies?

The old church sees another winter.Although it has been restored and re-roofed, there are several Saxon features to bee seen.

Hard frost and snow overnight.The village was more or less cut off for days during the bad weather. Situated on high ground, all the roads feature snow and ice covered inclines in the winter.

The Wayfarers Way in midwinter. Just the place for a bracing walk to disperse the cobwebs.

 Low cloud that passes for fog and a cut hedge.

A passing storm caught against the Beech trees at sunset.This classic anvil shape built just slightly too late in the day to become a thunderstorm.

 The occasional ladies walking club limber up on the sports field.

The hunt meeting outside the pub

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