So, you're a keen photographer eh? What sort of camera do you have?

"Oh, a black one"

Well, three black cameras, these days... From right to left, the old E-1, the E-PL3 for traveling really light and the remarkable E-M5.

Also pictured are the Zuiko lenses I use.

The 9-18mm wide zoom. This is as wide as I need, nice and light and is sharp to the edges. It doesn't have the nice Pro lens feel to it but it is still very nice to use. f4 to f5.6

The 14-54mm MkII Pro grade general zoom. If I have to go out with just one lens, then this is the one I choose. Its bright and versatile and very sharp. f2.8 to f3.5

The 45mm micro 4/3 lens (in silver above). This is a very sharp and bright portrait telephoto lens which offers super fast autofocus.

These three lenses cover (in old 35mm film terms) 18mm to 108mm, which should be enough for most problems. I also have the two Zuiko kit lenses, 14-42mm and 40-150mm. These are actually very good and I use them if I really need to travel light. 

History: Years using the Nikon FE2 shooting Provia slide film gave way to digital photography in 2005. I settled on Olympus digital cameras because they were the smallest DSLRs available at the time and I started with the humble E400 and its pair of kit lenses.

However, eyesight dictates that these days I use the cameras with Olympus Zuiko AutoFocus lenses. The E-PL3 and E-M5 have built in Image Stabilisation, Live View and an articulated rear screen plus a sensor cleaner. The Olympus Pro lenses are weatherproofed...